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Move in May is Back!

We believe that encouraging children to move their bodies is important not only to their physical health but for their mental health and cognitive development too.

In 2021 The FoSB invited all children of St Boniface Primary School to take part in its first socially distanced Relay Race around Wandsworth - and so the magnificent Move in May Relay was born. 

It was such a huge success last year and this year its going to be bigger and better with an After Party to celebrate what will be an amazing day!

Participating in the St Boniface Relay Race will raise much needed funds for the school as well as encouraging our children to keep healthy and fit!

Every single penny raised will be spent to enhance the school life for the children of St Boniface Primary School so please take part and SPONSOR as much as you can!


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  • Collect as much sponsorship as you can.
  • Locate your map number on the map, you will be running to the next point, please familiarise yourself with the route.
  • Write your bib number from the map onto your bib in the race bag, pin this to your t-shirt.
  • Put balloons and bunting up outside your home if possible - this helps us find you.
  • Bring water - its going to be hot on Sunday
  • Please be ready and waiting outside your home before your approximate time, (see map)
  • If you would like to measure how many KM you have run, you may want to use a tracker/running app.
  • If you have any issues please call 07919 140683 to let Victoria know.


  • There will be one adult runner and a support co-ordinator doing the entire route with the children.
  • You and your child can run, scoot or cycle to your next point on the map, all children must be accompanied by an adult.
  • If you would like to continue, please do so as much so as much as you can.
  • If you loose the race pack please go to school for 1.30pm.
  • If your child runs with the pack and you loose the pack, please call Victoria - 07919 140683 and meet your child at the school at 1.30pm


  • Please go to the school at 1.30pm to welcome the runners into the playground.
  • There will be a party to celebrate!
  • Runners will be able to collect their medals and certificates.
  • Winner of the sports bundle announced.
  • There will be a Dr Bike available to do a health check on bikes onsite for free!  Bring your bike!  Adults and children welcome.
  • There will be activities for the children including an introduction to Korfball!
  • There will be hotdogs, a bar and pimms!!!
  • Don't forget to donate your sponsorship money.
  • If you have used a running app to measure your distance, please let Victoria know how long you have run, or complete this form.

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